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Masked: Relationship Abuse and Recovery Guide

Relationship abuse is confusing and difficult to understand whether you have experienced the abuse or know someone who has. Even more difficult is deciding how to get out of the abusive relationship, how to recover from being abused, and how to live the rest of your life without being involved in another abusive situation. This book explains the dynamics of abuse in clear and straightforward language. It includes check lists to help you decide if you are truly in an abusive relationship.


Inside you are a spirit, light, and potential. You see it in a child’s eyes when they experience hope or joy. You see it in a person who has worked hard to overcome obstacles they believed were insurmountable. And, you see it in yourself when you find the courage and strength to pursue your hopes and dreams as you become your true self.

Choose the life you want and achieve it by focusing on larger goals, not small setbacks. You can do this. You have more strength than you know. You are only limited by what you tell yourself and what you believe you can do. This spirit, light, and potential are not just in some of us, but in all of us. They are in you. It is up to you to identify what you want, find the courage to change what is necessary to make your dreams come true, let your light shine, and be your fabulous, happy self. You are a wonderful work of art and deserve to be happy, feel loved, and treated with respect.

Check out Dr. Weber’s Book on Domestic Violence

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