Stress is at an all-time high for many Americans. Constant worrying about being laid-off, going through a divorce, war, terrorists attacks, increasing political tension, and dealing with life-threatening illness are but a few of the situations that test an individual’s coping abilities. While most people understand the importance of taking care of these problems, almost half of the population doesn’t know when it is appropriate to seek professional help.

The following are some indicators of when it is time to ask for professional help:

  • You feel trapped with nowhere to turn
  • You worry a lot and cannot concentrate
  • Your feelings are affecting your sleep, eating habits, job, family life and other aspects of
    everyday life

Many people think they need to solve their own problems. While this is often possible, sometimes people reach a point where getting better on their own is difficult to nearly impossible.

Early detection and treatment can keep stress from developing into more serious physical problems such as ulcers, headaches, back pain, colitis, autoimmune illnesses and other chronic disorders. Health and Wellness Group can help address the causes of distress and teach effective ways to deal with their causes.