Women’s Issues

Men and women are different in a variety of ways, particularly in their style of communication, how they express their feelings and what they want from a relationship. Some issues unique to women are related to transitional periods in their lives; pregnancy/motherhood, menopause, and life role changes are
some examples.

Some women seem to deal with transitional periods in their lives rather effortlessly and may have a very positive experience while other women can have a more difficult time. Transitions can be very stressful. They can produce great feelings of loss, guilt, and inadequacy that may result in depression and/or anxiety. Some women may have difficulty accepting the changes to their bodies or may experience mood changes or swings.

Another area some women seem to have difficulty with is saying “No.” Girls are socialized to be kind, giving, and non-confrontational. As some women mature, they may begin to take on more and more responsibility in their lives and try to juggle many different roles. They find themselves trying to please others before they please themselves until they are completely overwhelmed or unhappy. Frequently, they find they have given up their desires and interests to fulfill the needs of others. This often leads to depression. Health and Wellness Group can help women discover why they are struggling with life changes and develop better coping skills.