Grief and Loss

Everyone experiences traumatic and/or painful losses within their lifetime. There are many types of loss such as death of a family member or friend, separation or divorce, loss of a job, or children leaving home.

Grief is the most common response to loss. It is a natural, necessary reaction to a significant change or loss in our lives. Grief can make you more susceptible to illness, cause fatigue, insomnia, weight loss, higher blood pressure and heart rates. Grieving people commonly experience a wide range of emotions and reactions.

The time it takes each person to heal varies. A person’s reaction depends on the type of loss, their personality, previous losses, and the type of support that is available. Grief normally gets easier with time though sometimes it feels overwhelming or does not appear to get better.
If you need help to get through the process, therapy has proven highly effective in helping people through their grieving process. Health and Wellness Group can help.