Relationship Problems

The top three causes of marital problems are money, infidelity, and sexual needs. All relationships have their moments of stress, not just marriages. Problems can arise in a romantic relationship, parent/child relationship, friendship or even a sibling relationship and it can be difficult to resolve these problems without help.

Despite whether one sought out the relationship or was born into it, not all relationships are healthy. Ideally, our relationships should give us pleasure and help us to feel good about ourselves. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Relationships may leave us feeling depleted, used, controlled, unappreciated, abused, or manipulated.

Here are some key questions to ask yourself about your relationship:

  • Are your needs getting met?
  • How does the person make you feel about yourself?
  • Can you be yourself around the person?
  • What is your typical mood around the person?

If you need help with your relationship, Health and Wellness Group can help you find better ways to communicate and express feelings and needs, or by finding a way to end or change relationships.