QXCI Biofeedback

Qxci Barry 2The QXCI is a state of the art biofeedback system designed to detect and reduce stress.  It does this by stimulating and harnessing the tremendous energy of the human system for self-healing.  This complicated software package gets information about the body from a non-invasive harness attached to the head, wrists and ankles.  The harness allows the QXCI to scan the body like a virus-scan on a computer.

The QXCI is a safe and powerful biofeedback device backed by 20 years of research.  It helps place emphasis on lifestyle management and preventative health care.  Homeopathic medicine has opened the door to a philosophy of health care that has been used successfully for thousands of years.  Understanding the body’s natural ability to heal itself combined with this modern technology is creating a shift in the way we view medicine today.  The QXCI is at the forefront of this new era of medicine.